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**TPL-410APK**  Powerline 500 Wireless Kit

**TPL-410APK** Powerline 500 Wireless Kit

Clave: TPL-410APK

Precio: $ 2,053.00 MXN*
* Pesos Mexicanos

TRENDnet?s Powerline 500 Wireless Kit, model TPL-410APK, uses electrical outlets to create a hybrid Powerline-Wireless network. The included TREND-net Powerline adapters (TPL-406E + TPL-410AP) auto-connect out of the box. Network the TPL-406E to a router and plug the TPL-410AP into an outlet on the electrical system to extend a high performance wireless network. Hard-wire a smart TV, gaming console, or media player to the two Ethernet ports on the TPL-410AP.

No CD Installation
Simply plug in the adapters—all TRENDnet adapters auto-connect out of the box
Sync Button
Press the Sync button to change existing Powerline encryption keys
For your security the Powerline signal is pre-encrypted
Powerline 500
High speed Powerline networking over existing electrical lines
Ethernet Ports
The TPL-410AP offers two convenient Ethernet ports to hardwire computers, smart TVs, and other network enabled devices
Cross Compatible
TRENDnet Powerline 500 and 200 adapters work together
Whole Home Coverage
Connects over electrical lines, for houses up to 5000 square feet (300 m/984 ft. linear distance over electrical lines)
Energy Savings
Power Save mode reduces electrical consumption
Quick Setup
Get up and running in minutes with the intuitive guided setup
N300 Wireless
Proven 300 Mbps Wireless N
Wireless Coverage
Expanded wireless coverage with MIMO antenna technology
For your security the wireless is pre-encrypted with a unique password
One Touch Connection
Securely connect wireless devices at the touch of the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button
Compatible with legacy 2.4 GHz Wireless devices

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